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I must be doing something right

Hey, I’ve arrived as a blogger. This morning I received my first troll comment: a rant with all the usual anti-Obama talking points and Obama myths.  You name it, it is there:

(i) Obama not being a natural-born citizen of the US (ii) birth certificate fakery (iii) the anti-American Michelle (iv) Ayers (v) Acorn (vii) pastor (viii) raising taxes (ix) anti-Israel (x) earmarks (xi) Obama never running anything or in charge of a budget.

That last one cracks me up.  How many hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of people (staff and volunteers) is Obama ultimately leading during his primary and presidential campaigns? 

But the misguided troll then asks “do you trust Obama?”  Basic rule that this guy forgot: never close your argument with a question that could be answered it in a way you don’t want.  I won’t be approving his comment for publication on this blog, as it is not an attempt to engage with any discussion on this site or respond to any particular post.  But I will answer his question for him:

Yes, I trust Obama.


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  1. That’s nothing, I’ve just spent the afternoon with a real life troll.

    The unnamed Tory ex-PPC duly informed me that she did not trust Obama, and that he was, in fact, a Muslim.

    Your troll should feel embarrassed to have left this vital factoid of the Obama Troll Making Toolkit(tm) out. Really, to have been shown up by a Tory. Standards must be falling.

    (bonus points go to the implication that Muslim=untrustworthiness, yay for bigotry!)

    Comment by Sam D. | October 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. Congrats!

    I got mine about 2 weeks ago. Racist and vile crap but I saved them in case I need to turn over evidence to the police.

    Comment by Faith | October 17, 2008 | Reply

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