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I was never going to be able to stay away from America in the final days of the election campaign.  I had to be here.  It’s also a trip that has been long in my mind – 4 years really, since I was in Chicago and DC for the last election.  That was just a pure holiday.  This is a little of that, but so much more.

Just two months since being in Denver for the Democratic Convention, I am now back here in this lovely city; staying with my buddies Hunter and Tyler.  That’s only for a few short days though, as this time I am doing a whirlwind tour.  I’m off on Monday evening to Minneapolis; Thursday to Cincinnati (and hopefully some other places both in Ohio and over the border in Kentucky); election night in Chicago; and finally to DC.   I’ll be seeing and taking part in a variety of Obama campaigning and general GOTV activities; hooking up with a colleague and the Fairvote folk for some electoral reform work in Cincinnati; and on election night and after looking into how votes count/ed (or not).  You can follow my journey / epic mission on this blog.

Also – and here’s a new development –  for part of my trip I have volunteered to be trailed by a freelance documentary maker, who is making a short on why non-Americans like me are taking so much interested and getting so actively involved in these elections.  Meghan is going to be accompanying me for the 5 days I am based in Cincinnati, as well as election night in Chicago.  You can follow her following me via her blog  It’s quite an odd experience being the subject, and seeing posts like “Meet Malcolm”.  But I’m really looking forward to it.

Now though it’s time to hit the campaign trail.  Despite only arriving in Denver last night and going out on the town til late, I am up earlier than usual on a Saturday.  I am about to join a group of Obama campaigners and volunteers doing canvassing in a swing district outside of Boulder, Co.   


October 25, 2008 - Posted by | On the Campaign Trail

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