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A global message to Americans

One of the organisations that has best utilised the Dean (and now Obama) campaigning lessons on using the internet and mobilising activists has been  As their website states, they are “a new global web movement with a simple democratic mission: to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want. ”

They have produced a short video clip which explains the importance of the election to the rest of the world, and why people around the globe like America and want it to play a positive role in world affairs / issues.

When I initially received an email about the video and the accompanying petition, I was sceptical about how this ad might be perceived in the US.  Another ‘Guardian letter-writing in Cook County, Ohio’ episode was my first thought.  But I am more reassured having read the email fully and seen this explanation Avaaz offers:

US Avaaz members have asked for this help. The ad doesn’t tell people who to vote for, but its overriding message of tolerance, diplomacy, human rights and equality is unmistakable. If the ad hits the media airwaves, it will reach the nation’s undecided voters just as they are starting to tune in, and are determining which issues will underpin their vote.

I am yet to be convinced that their idea – of making it a global youtube hit that the US media will report on and a million or more American voters will watch – will actually work.  I hope it does, and I’ve signed the petition too.  But the video does make the case more eloquently and visually appealing than I could ever do about non-Americans’ motivations for taking an interest in these elections and the hope for a better relationship with the US ahead.


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