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I spy a Nader office

In downtown Minneapolis I was curious to see a few Nader stickers on lampposts.  Then I walked round the corner and came across the main Minnesota Nader campaign office.  That kind of rare sighting is worth many bonus points in my book!  I couldn’t resist the temptation to go in, and also to chat the lonely-looking (but welcoming) solo volunteer in there.  So in I went, still wearing my Obama buttons. 

It was quite an insight into the world of small parties and no-hope candidates, who vainly struggle on; pushing some good ideas and values but virtually ignored by the mainstream media or political process.  To be fair, Nader does not help himself either.

One leaflet I was very pleased to see displayed with the Nader material, was information about Instant Run-off Voting and the benefits of electoral reform.


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