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Political pilgrimage

Yesterday in DC was very much a political pilgrimage, walking to the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the White House and along the Mall to Capitol Hill.  A lot of walking (DC is such a great city to explore on foot) and to time to reflect, and to see people’s reactions to these hallowed sites in the light of Obama’s victory.  I’ll write more on that shortly.  And finally today, the pilgrimage ended on a cultural note: going to an art gallery and seeing one of the original, iconic Shepherd Fairley Obama ‘Hope’ pictures.  

While I was doing that (and attending a Green Festival here in DC earlier today), Meghan was at a Sheffield film festival doing a workshop in which she showed ten minutes worth of clips from the many tapes she shot in Ohio and Chicago.  I look forward to hearing how that went and what people’s reactions were. 

Shortly, I will board a plane back to London: back to cold, grey weather; back to work; back to a post-election life.  But there is plenty I still need to write up from this trip – both diary entries and more analytical pieces too.  So stay tuned. The journey is not yet complete.


November 8, 2008 - Posted by | On the Campaign Trail

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