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Plus ca change

Welcome to 2009 – the last of the ‘naughties’.  What am I going to have to fit into the coming year to make that tag sufficiently apt? Suggestions on a postcard please …. . 

But I’m going to start with a cheeky trip to the US, for the inauguration.   So no change there for me then, more a continuation of my Obama journey of 2008.  One the one hand capping off this amazing election process with a final hurrar and witnessing another truly historic moment. But also meeting up again with and hopefully furthering my connections and friendships with a variety of bloggers, activists and inspiring people and the organisations / campaigns they are involved with.   As well as the big day – 20th Jan – itself, I am really looking forward to the Netroots Nation ‘yes we can’ Party the evening before: a Big Tent reunion with an even wider tent of people involved. 

Meghan couldn’t resist either and will be out in DC as well, camera in hand, capturing some of the crowds, the emotions, the personal stories, and those random moments that will make those few days around the inauguration so special.   The footage will be added to the hours of tapes Meghan already has to edit and craft into a short film.  Can’t wait to see the finished product.  

My aspiration for 2009 is to develop some of my favourite bits from 2008: the blogging and the lessons from America in particular.  So after the month long sabbatical I took away from this site in December, I am back and eager to continue commenting on and bringing a ‘malcolmy’ take to political and electoral matters both in the US and here in the UK too.    

Before I happily get stuck into that; I want to take this opportunity to thank all those amazing people who I didn’t know a year ago, but who hosted me, campaigned with me, inspired me, drank with me, shared their Obama journeys with me, and made 2008 so special.  Especially:

  • Hunter and Tyler – the coolest blokes and kindest hosts west of the Mississippi. 
  • Sean and Nate –  down-to-earth guys with sharp political brains.
  • Lonnee and Faith – west coast bloggers with soul and vision.
  • Amalie, Danny and the Swing Semester crew
  • Steve of New Era Colorado and the bus project
  • Alison – multi-lingual phonebanker and Twin Cities fair trader  
  • Blaine and Francesca – organisers of Trick or Vote Cincinnati.
  • Jodi and Randy – creative, liberal America at its finest.

And of course Meghan –  talented filmmaker, invaluable driver and cultural interpreter, fun travelling companion and sharer of history. 

Plus those who I already knew but am equally as grateful of their hospitality, time and the chance to renew or strengthen friendships:

  • Alex and Kate – I miss you guys.  Come back and live in London!
  • Lewis – colleague, walking encylopaedia and fellow cat lover.
  • Amy –  electoral reform campaigner par excellence
  • Chris – aka ‘Mr Macaroni Cheese’ and a wonderful friend of my bro’s.
  • Erin – an integral part of my DC election traditions and enjoyment. 
  • Adele, Aisha, Aminah, Lee, Leyla, Bano, Komal, David, Joseph, Juliet, Graham, Liz and all the Interaction crew who I shared so much with – including Super Tuesday.
  • Justin Alexander – social justice activist extraordinaire,  ‘the world wants Obama’ co-ordinator and all round great guy.
  • Sam Doshi – my 24/7 eyes and ears; longtime friend and fellow political and elections junkie.  Roll on our 4th US election cycle!

To one and all (and to everyone who I’ve failed to list), thank you.  And here’s to a year ahead which contains lots of positive changes and developments – the beginnings of Obama’s, America’s and our own promise fulfilled – but also the continuation of our connections, friendship, activism and fun.


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