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suffering for my art

Don’t worry, I’m not after sympathy. Not compared to my friend Lonnee and others I’ve met who were in the ‘Purple Tunnel of Doom’.

I just wanted to explain the delay in posting up my diairies of inauguration day and after. Tiredness mainly is the answer. Along with a busy schedule: first on the Hill on Wednesday; then an exhibition on ‘Portraits of Power’ on Thursday followed by meetings at FairVote US in the afternoon.

But another small factor has been the war-wound I sustained on Wednesday. At the metro station near Capitol Hill they were taking down the special inauguration signs and I followed someone else’s lead in seeing a good photo opportunity. Unfortunately, the metro worker was just a bit too quick to clear away the sign afterwards and there was an unpleasant contact between my face/head and the corner of the sign. Here’s a before and after pic, with the latter taken about 30mins later after I had patched myself up. Zoom in to look at my forehead I dare you!



All this is really an extended apology to the wonderful and inspiring people I’ve met over the last few days who have told me their stories, had their photos taken, but not yet seen it on the site. I’m working on it!

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