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Getting Lyrical for Obama

All three inaugural balls I went to showcased different creative talents harnessed in support of Obama and getting him elected. At the Netroots Nation party it was the innovative use of online technology. At the We the People gala, it was the fruits of people’s own handiwork: button design, quilt-making (out of campaign t-shirts) and cake decoration.

At the African Inaugural ball it was the music that was the stand out feature of the night. And especially the Obama-themed performances. Not only did they capture the joy and hope that people at the event were feeling, but some were also great get-down-onto-the-dance-floor numbers too.

The highlight was emma ik agu, with his ‘Obama is the wind of change’ song. You can get a little flavour from the clip I took:

If you want to hear the full version of the song, listen to it below:

Another hit was this woman (a special guest performer whose name I never found out), with her ‘Obama train’ hip-hop.

Nelima of MinneAfrica blog has a round up of some of the other performers and people there.

Incidentally, the song of choice for the TV networks for much of their Inauguration coverage was’s ‘It’s a New Day’. This was his follow up to the iconic ‘Yes We Can’ song, which put Obama’s New Hampshire primary speech to music. ‘It’s a new day’ was released the day after Obama’s election victory, but somehow didn’t seem quite right then and never really took off. To me it wasn’t euphoric and upbeat enough for that moment back in November, but on inauguration day its tone and message seemed a much better fit. I heard it many times last week, so I’m guessing other people thought so too.


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