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The Building Blocks for a Strong Campaign in 2010 and Beyond

This isn’t about the US mid-term elections, or a party’s campaign at the next UK General Election. This is about the other area of my life: electoral reform. Below is the resolution to the ERS Annual Meeting 2009 that I am keen to promote and get people supporting and voting through.

To vote yes to this, you need to be a member of the Society. Join by 26 May (if you aren’t already a member) in order to be able to vote.

Title: The Building Blocks for a Strong Campaign in 2010 and Beyond

Proposed: Helen Cross
Seconded: Chris Harris

This meeting welcomes the excellent outreach and campaigning work already being done by the Society’s staff to advance the campaign for electoral reform amongst new audiences. This meeting notes the innovative event in Birmingham in May, piloting new ways for the Society to engage with community groups and politically-active organisations and individuals.

This meeting commends the work being done in co-operation with Make Votes Count to recruit and train activists to campaign for a fairer voting system.

This meeting recognises the important role played by electoral reform supporters, in growing the campaign throughout the United Kingdom so effective pressure can be applied at Westminster. This meeting commends the experience, determination and enthusiasm that supporters have demonstrated in taking the case for electoral reform to many different audiences.

This meeting calls upon the Society to build on the strong foundations laid by these early successes by:

1) continuing to work closely with Make Votes Count on areas of common interest, in order to benefit from the strengths and resources of both organisations.

2) supporting and providing materials for a network of activists who will lead grassroots campaigning activity in every constituency in the United Kingdom.

3) developing the capacity (whether itself, or through organisations such as Make Votes Count) for greater public campaigning, focused on the case against first past the post and the positives of changing the system, and also to more forcefully take on our opponents and challenge the myths about proportional representation.

4) extending the Society’s work with new audiences, including increased production of appropriate resources and campaigning materials.

5) taking all necessary steps to ensure that the Society is well-placed to fight and win a national referendum should the opportunity arise.

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