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Denver Diary – Sat 23 August

My first root beer float.  That’s a good abiding memory to have of a day.  Photo will come, but need to download it from my phone.  The other great part of that brunch dining experience was the free shots of whisky (and ginger ale chasers) from the diner / bar where we ate.  My hosts are regulars there, so they get good treatment. 

And then, after an afternoon of relaxing, it was time to head to my first – and one of the only – big sponsored offical Convention events I am able to go to.  This one was the Media Welcome Party / celebrate the host city party. My flatemate’s father is a journo and had a spare pass to it, which I eagerly accepted.  The event took place in Elitch Gardens, a theme park adjacent to Downtown Denver.  Opened up to delegates / the media for the evening, with free food and alcohol, free goes on some of the rides and games, street theatre and entertainment, plus a concert too. Awesome.  The Obama influence / effect was perhaps responsible for the inclusion of an acrobatic dance troupe from Kenya.


Official proceedings in the arena kicked off with the National Anthem.

Then time for speeches from the dignataries.  A veritable who’s who of Colorado’s finest politicians – Senator Ken Salazar, Governor Bob Ritter and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper – and a good reminder of the recent Democrat success in this State.


And then on to the part that many of the locals had been waiting for: a live concert by the very talented, wonderfully political and progressive and recently signed (and hopefully breaking into the big time) Denver band ‘The Flobots’.  Top show by them. Hip-hop with political lyrics, and the bonus of a violinist to soften the musical edge and give the tunes a different flavour.  The Flobots have a new fan in me … and in many of the non-Coloradan residents at the show who had never heard them before.


Towards the end of the concert there was an impromptu audience chant of yes we can

The evening’s programme ended with a firework display, though the drinking and eating and funfair rides continued for a while longer.


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