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Only in America

Coming to the end of my stash of candy hoarded from Halloween’s ‘Trick or Vote’ fun, I came across a packet of m&ms.  I was just savouring the first few, when I noticed a sticky note attached to the back of the wrapper. 

Halloween candy with a message

….. only in America.

Obviously one of the households in suburban Cincinnati which I had been canvassing that Halloween night wanted kids (or their accompanying parents) to go away thinking about higher matter than ghosts and gobstoppers.


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Halloween with the Clintons

So Halloween has been a hoot.  As I roll into bed at 5am, I quickly reflect on what has been a crazy busy day.  Hillary’s been in town, so we went to her rally.  It was a relatively small affair, with only a few hundred people.  Before that it was an Issue 8 debate (the ballot intitative on electoral reform) at Cincinnati University.  That got ugly, nasty and negative – or rather that was the no campaign taking it to that level in a mean-spirited pitch.  And before all that kicked off, it was to the local Halloween costume store to goggle and to pick an outfit for the night’s activities.  There was barely enough time after the Hillary rally to change into that costume then it was out to do Trick or Vote.  An absolutely brilliant concept … and so much fun.  And finally it was a case of hitting the bars and dancefloor to top off a true American Halloweeen experience.

Some little teasers of the photos from today.  More will go up later.

And some sad news to end this little bulletin.  Studs Terkel, one of my heroes alongside the great Woody Guthrie, has died.  He was a great chroniclor of 20th century America as seen through the eyes, words and stories of working people and those struggling to survive.

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