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A snapshot of Minneapolis

Rewinding a few days now in my trip as catching up with my blog now the partying of Halloween is over 

Minneapolis was a more beautiful, clean and calmer city than I’d expected.  European in origin – its inhabitants and its design.  But cold … and it wasn’t even yet winter.  They do have ‘skyways’ (fully enclosed walkways between buildings) though, so it is possible to avoid going outside in downtown when the weather really turns nasty.  The Missisippi River flows through downtown and the historic mills and warehouses dot the banks, only a short walk from the (not very) bustle of the main streets.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the city, complete – as to be expected – with a few other images from the “political safari” that my friend Alex dubbed our long walk one afternoon.  Look out for my brilliant find of the political pumpkin art. 


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Minneapolis quick update

I’m sitting in a cafe taking a quick break from phone-banking.  Did three hours this morning and my next shift is starting in a couple of minutes.   I’m based in the Minneapolis downtown Obama office and its busy: maybe 20-25 people plus more coming and going.  There’s a dedicated call centre a few blocks away, but there’s a wider variety of activities in the office I’m in.  I’ve been put to work calling older people (more likely to be in during the day) to ensure they know where their local polling station is and to encourage them to vote not just for Obama but also for Al Franken for Senate and Keith Ellison for Congress.  I’ll update on my progress later.  And on the positive reactions I’ve got from other Obama volunteers.

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