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Red State gambles

Interesting to note how a non-traditional campaign – one not predicated on winning 50%+1 (or in this case 270 electoral college votes) – is worrying party apparatiks and those whose careers and advice is based on swing state and micro-targeting strategies. makes a good comment:

“Barack Obama has taken Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy to heart. He is waging a campaign and spending millions of dollars in red states that most professionals expect him to lose, with one exception (Virginia). The other states are Indiana, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Georgia, and Alaska. All told, Obama has spent $7.8 million on TV ads in these seven states (vs. $1.6 million for McCain). Many Democratic insiders would rather have him abandon them all except Virginia and spend the money in Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Iowa, instead, all of which will be very close. After the election results are in, Obama (but mostly his advisors David Axelrod and David Plouffe) will be seen either as geniuses or dodos.”

NB. First published on MMVC blog 5 August 2008


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