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The view from Virginia

I can’t cover all 50 States on my trip, as much as I’d want to.  So instead I’ve enlisted a few people to offer their outsider perspectives on the election where they are.  We heard first up from Pennylsvania. Tonight is Virgina”s turn. I’ve just received a report from a friend from London who is over on the Eastern Seaboard keeping an eye on matters election-related.  This is his personal take on Virginia, one of the key battleground states:

“I can report that the Democrats are cautiously optimistic about winning the state for the first time since the 1960s. I visited one of their phone banks in Richmond and it was totally buzzing with activity and everyone was up and motivated, and there were even a bunch of Malcolm wannabes from the UK volunteering their assistance instead of having a proper holiday. The Republicans on the other hand were less co-operative and wouldn’t talk to me.”

“I was really surprised to learn that when you register to vote you also register your party affiliation (which in most states enable you to vote in the primaries). Doesn’t that mean everyone will know how you’re going to vote? I can just imagine the outraged phone calls now. The Tunbridge Wells telephone exchange would never cope.” 

“In Virginia all voting will be on touch screen voting machines or optical scan ballot papers. The voting machines look really modern and impressive. I must say I’m coming round to the voting machines if they have proper security. Unfortunately they won’t let you spoil your ballot paper so you can’t scrawl all over it which is a real shame in my book. Virginia has banned any new purchases of them so eventually they will be phased out.”


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