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Denver Diary – Fri 22 Aug

The mighty Mississippi River.  It was only when flying over it did it really hit me that I was on my way to Denver, and a location and an America I had never experienced before.  East Coast and Mid-West, yes.  Further west, no.  So that bit of excitement, as well as the natural beauty stretching below, prompted me to record the moment.


Shortly before landing the chief stewardess said she had an important announcement to make.  Here was I thinking she was going to tell us who Obama had just picked for VP (which was expected any moment), and instead it was for a worthy but less sexy cause – a reminder for us to donate our unwanted coins to BA’s ‘change for change’ scheme.

Proper excitement at the airport, when I saw Sir David Steel a few metres in front of me.  I met him a couple of months back at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Electoral Reform.  No chance to chat with him though, as he got whisked through security and VIP arrivals.

The whole journey – including the immigration checks and security – and the political fiesta and protests that await remind me very much of 2001 and my trip to Genoa for the G8 Summit.  That was back in the day when I did more of the big demos and activisty stuff around debt cancellation and anti-globalisation.  I am reliving my summit-hopping days!  This time let there not be tear gas and running street battles, please. 

On the trip to the Capitol Hill area of Denver where I am staying, we passed by the Invesco stadium, where Obama will be speaking on Thursday.  Wow the stadium is gorgeous and impressive in size and style.  there was a pre-season friendly going on and the atmosphere seemed to be amazing.  Lucky people who get in there on Thursday is what I say.

After a brief rest at the apartment, I head out with my new Denver flatmate, buddy and host for the week: Hunter.  After a few drinks and a quick calculation that the clock on the wall which says 11pm shoudl actually say 6pm for me, I make my way back home and to bed.  At least that was the intention.  Obama – or, perhaps more fairly, the TV news networks had other ideas …….  VP time.

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