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Denver Diary – Sun 24 Aug

Up in the Rocky mountains for me today.  Breckenridge, Loveland and a few scenic stops en route.  Went with Hunter, my Denver flatmate / host, and his girlfriend Jordi.  Altitude sickness didn’t hit me too bad and it was a lovely day.


In the evening I made my way to the Young Democrats party, in a club just south of the capitol building.  Lively event certainly.  I met a fellow Big Tent-er, and some local journalists.  One was covering the Colorado delegation and said that they were not looking forward to the protests starting tomorrow.  One of their number was going to meet with the protestors and the journo was going to go along too, with seeming trepidation.

I ended up hanging out with a couple of locals. I say locals, but they were East Coast girls who had moved to the Denver area within the past year. Not political at all, but just really excited by the range of people coming into town and the oomph and diversity of the Democrat crowd.  Inevitably, they were starting to be caught up in the Obama infectiousness and so I wouldn’t be surprised if they voted Democrat come the Fall. 

Just as I left the club, a team of artists were plastering a nearby wall with the iconic Obama ‘hope’ posters.  Cue a queue for photo opportunities, which I duly got sucked into.


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