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We the People – Latifah Ring

Rather belatedly, here are some of the stories of the inspiring activists I met at the We the People gala in DC on the evening of the Inauguration.


First up, is Latifah Ring. She was one the fifty-odd award winners at the gala, chosen one-per-state and given a free ticket based on their stand-out volunteering effort for Obama during the many months of the election campaign.

She’s a Texan, was selected as an Obama delegate to the Democrat Convention (here’s her bio and pitch she made to be a delegate), and like so many got involved in many different ways and roles. At some point during it all, as a way of increasing the visibility of the Obama campaign, she had the great idea of collecting election-related t-shirts and sewing them into a quilt. She proudly displayed her efforts at the ball.

img_0447 img_0449

So many people were clamouring to see the quilt and ask her about it, that I didn’t have a chance to ask her more questions at the time, and didn’t manage to find her again amongst the dancing crowds later.

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  1. Thank you for the nice article and thanks for the pics.

    Comment by Latifa Ring | February 9, 2009 | Reply

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